Wettie Viper X Carbon Speargun

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Wettie’s latest Speargun. Designed, made and used by New Zealand Spearfishermen! The newest adaption to our Viper speargun range, the Viper X is the best yet. The new features include the best muzzle on the market, universal flush reel mount and more! Perfect set up for spearfishing through NZ waters and abroad.


  • Viper Muzzle, low profile, band elevators, stainless anchor point, Nylon glass reinforces. MADE IN NZ
  • Integrated rail carbon tube high strength and light. MADE IN NZ
  • Harden sprung steel shaft
  • Choice of rubber set up. 16mm, twin 14mm, 18mm
  • Viper nylon glass reinforce handle. Side line release, short balanced trigger release for optimum shooting.
  • Gun bungee (Dyneema core)
  • Universal reel mount
  • Strung up with 180kg black monofilament

Our NZ made carbon tubes are of the highest quality and strength. They are made with uni directional carbon fibre with a toughened epoxy resin system. Additional off axis plys aid in reducing cross sectional deformation under compression loading, giving increased stiffness and eliminating splitting. An external layer of 3k box weave carbon is added as an outer layer to protect the core fibre from impact and abrasion.

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