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Micro Scooter Carry Strap

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• Fun and handy
• 5 cool colours
• Easy clip attachment
• Fits large range of scooters

Make carrying your scooter easy and stylish with a Micro carry strap. The adjustable cotton strap with super strong D clip allows you to transport your scooter when you are not riding it. Useful for when travelling on public transport, for carrying your child’s scooter home or for hooking over the back of a pushchair to carry transport even more scooters!

It comes in a variety of colours, including Aqua/Coral, Blue, Black, Red and Purple.

NB: The straps are NOT compatible with all scooters. They require scooters with the lower metal eyelet above the front wheel as shown in the images. These include, but are not limited to, the latest editions of: Sprite, Sprite Special Edition, Speed+, Speed+ Special Edition, Flex, Flex Air, Flex Blue, Flex+, Black, and White models

Micro Scooter Carry Strap
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